World-class capability in sugar and sweetener centrifuges
Broadbent’s range of batch centrifuges and continuous sugar centrifuges is one of the most modern and extensive in the world. As well as processing sugar (sucrose), our products can be adapted to handle other crystalline products such as dextrose, fructose, citric acid and nitrates.


Local Suppliers of the World’s Best Food Analysis Technology. Voitechnik is working with Rhine Ruhr to promote the Pro-FOSS NIR equipment for the online analysis of bagasse from sugar mills.

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IoT Wireless Sensors. With their long-range, low price, accuracy, battery life and security features,  they are the affordable choice for Predictive Maintenance sensors.

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Divine Tubes is a premium manufacturer of seamless stainless steel tubes, welded tubes, pipes and U-tubes in Austenitic, Ferritic and Duplex grade.

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